Shawn Hebert, Founder

Shawn Hebert is a Bitcoin broker, crypto-advocate, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the CEO and Founder of Just Learn Crypto.

Shawn believes that Bitcoin should be easily accessible and easily explained to anyone in the world. He puts a strong focus on helping people one-on-one and shows a level of patience rarely seen in the financial world these days.

Shawn has created numerous social media, and local communities focused on helping and teaching crypto. He has personally brokered over $500 000 in bitcoin transactions and has hundreds of happy clients.

Shawn has over 10 years of sales, fundraising, marketing and networking experience. He is constantly reading and learning with a mission to improve himself daily.

Human beings have infinite potential once they have a clear and detailed image of their true desires”.

– Shawn Hebert

Simon Williams, Marketing Specialist

Simon Williams is a marketing specialist, activist and entrepreneur. Simon has over seven years of experience in the marketing industry and has worked with hundreds of brands. Simon is a marketing consultant and content creator at Just Learn Crypto.

Simon believes that blockchain technology will be very significant in the years to come and that people should have easy access to bitcoin and reliable educational information about cryptocurrency during transition into widespread adoption.

Kyle Smith, Website Developer

Kyle Smith is a web-developer, consultant and entrepreneur. Kyle has ten years of experience helping clients understand their needs and executing simple solutions. Kyle aided in the website development for Just Learn Crypto.